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Ariana & Sean 

I don’t know what I would have done without Katelynn. She helped make what I envisioned actually happen. During the month prior to the wedding she kept things on task and organized so I didn’t have to worry. And on the big day she made sure everything was exactly how we had planned, made sure all the vendors were coordinated and that everything ran smoothly. Without her I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy my big day! Even my husband said she was the best investment throughout all this wedding planning.

 Jamie & Vince

Katelynn is the absolute best! She created the most magical, perfect weekend for our friends and family. Everything was executed perfectly, allowing me to truly enjoy my wedding. She has her finger on every detail and her fun and professional manner made her a joy to work with! We love you Katelynn!

 Michelle & Chad

Katelynn was our amazing day-of (and day-before) coordinator for our wedding, and we couldn't have had anyone better to keep everything under control! She has great attention to detail, management skills, and intuition. She asked all the questions that we didn't think to ask, and helped us answer them. She directed the many teams and projects of our DIY wedding perfectly and was an excellent problem solver. She was fully committed to bringing to life our vision for our wedding and took care of everything we needed on the day of, including managing supply hunting teams, set-up teams, decoration teams, and our food prep friends and helpers. She also skillfully maintained and managed our schedule throughout the event while completely minimizing our stress. We could not recommend her more highly! Thanks so much, Katelynn!!

Katelynn is fantastic! She supported us through our 2020 wedding roller coaster, multiple date changes and ultimately a completely new concept for a micro-wedding that required a new venue, catering, and band/DJ change that she handled in stride. She really went above and beyond to communicate with our original venue and understand the regulations, made the perfect recommendations on what to include to make our micro wedding feel special, and ensured everything went smoothly the day of. If you’re looking for great, pressure-free support for your wedding day - whether you’re still doing something big or going micro - I couldn’t recommend Katelynn more highly!

Tami & Slavko 

We hired Katelynn as our day of coordinator and it was the best decision we could have made. She went above and beyond with reaching and meeting up numerous times before even though she was only day of and meet all the vendors when they came to the site. As a couple we were chill and almost a bit too chill so I pretty much sent Katelynn a few Pinterest photos of what we liked for table set ups and I could not have hoped for a more beautiful set up. We also had photos for each guest as name places( this took us forever to make) which a friend delivered late to her and she STILL managed to get it all done. The days leading up to the wedding were very stressful with family and planning and she made the wedding day seamless and stress free. Highly recommend!

Jade & Mark 

Katelynn thought of all the little things we missed

Katelynn was a wonderful day-of-coordinator and made a huge contribution to an unforgettable wedding day.

In the months leading up to the wedding Katelynn had periodic calls with us to make sure we were on track with planning and to capture every detail. She'd suggest things we hadn't thought of and helped alleviate any confusion or fears we had going into the big day. She also connected with our vendors to create a detailed timeline.

She provided us complete peace of mind during the prep and wedding itself, putting out small fires and keeping everything on track. Our friends and family kept commenting on how calm and easy going we were, but that was possible because of Katelynn's help and commitment to us and what we needed.

I hadn't thought of exactly how I wanted tables to look or what we might do with all the decorations and things we brought to the venue. I labeled what I could, but otherwise gave her creative control over our garlands, tables, dessert layout, and most everything else. She come up with the best touches that I would never have considered and is a natural at looking over a space and pinpointing creative solves and expressions.

I highly recommend hiring Katelynn for your wedding!

Lyndsey & Sean 

 More reviews 

Katelynn planned and organized my beautiful wedding reception, no detail was over looked. I was overwhelmed with joy when we arrived to the site after our ceremony to see that everything was simply perfect. I had not a worry in the world on that very special day! Thank you Katelynn.

                                           - Jenn Taylor (happy bride)

What can I say? Katelynn has a brilliant knack for event planning and orchestrating! She is very organized, clear, concise and will always go out of her way to make sure everyone is pleased. Her ideas are fresh and fun. Katelynn brings such wonderful energy and dedication to her work and her events are a prime example of this. I cannot recommend a better candidate to plan and coordinate your next event! 

                                            - Michelle Crippen 

We loved having Katelynn as our day-of coordinator. She was so responsive and helpful leading up to our wedding and helped take care of a lot of little things we would have never thought of. She also dealt with our vendors before and during our wedding to made sure everyone knew what was going on. She made the day-of our wedding so much more relaxed and everything went smoothly. We are so glad we found her, she was well worth it!

- Leah Moore 

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